Wack & Blite - Paint Samples Debut

Wack & Blite

Brian Castleforte and Pretty In Plastic debuted paint samples of Wack and Blite at Mobius Gallery. These are the first paint samples of the resin sculpts of his vinyl Tribalnots.

King Wack and Blite are from Brian's new series of characters called the TRIBALNOTS.

Wack and Blite - Brian Castleforte

Wack and Blite - Brian Castleforte

A custom "RED/GOLD" version was raffled off, and all proceeds went to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and AASK (Aid to Adoption of Special Kids).

Visit NiceBunny's blog for more info about the show and the TRIBALNOTS.

Wack & Blite - Brian Castleforte's "Wack & Blite" Show

Wack & Blite Postcard

featuring PRETTY IN PLASTIC sculpted toys.

OPENING June 21 at 7pm

3300 W. 6th St.
LA, CA 90020

New illustrations by Brian and debut of the very first painted prototypes of Wack and Blite (based on paper toys below!). Stay tuned. . . vinyl toy coming soon!

Wack and Blite - Brian Castleforte - paper toys

Wack & Blite - Brian Castleforte

NiceBunny Blogspot

Melvin - Cameron Tiede's "Analog Punch" show

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
June 6th - June 29th.

The opening reception is on Friday June 6th, 8:00-11:00pm.

The show includes 14 new paintings and....

Sculpted art manufactured by Pretty in Plastic will be available! This show features a special color way of MELVIN, hand painted by the artist. This figure is super duper limited--there are only 6! And....it is GLOW IN THE DARK!.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the work please contact La Luz de Jesus Gallery directly.


Also visit:


Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from design...sculpt...prototype...limited art runs...to manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.