It's been a crazy and wonderful year. Thank You All! Best wishes for a KICK-ASS 2013!

XOXO Julie B., Carrie, Amber, Brenton, Tommy, Steven, and Dana...and all the other elves!!!

Pretty In Plastic Preview: SKULL CAR by Shane Geil

Check out the SKULL CAR in all of its glossy Metallic Purple glory! A mysterious new piece being developed by Shane Geil. Four wheels that promise good times and two domed eyes that can see into your soul…

The SKULL CAR is about the size of a Basketball! Shane Geil's design came to life in concept sketches that were translated into a digital model. The remote controlled SKULL CAR was then CNC milled for precision and vacuum formed to be light weight on the chassis for maximum speed!


Gallery 1988 Presents Dave Pressler's 100 Robots! Behind the scenes...making of the REVENGE BOT!

Check out the event HERE!

"Co-creator of Nickelodeon's new animated show Robot and Monster, Dave Pressler's 100 Robots is a celebration of mechanical stupidity and human folly. 

100 original 8x10 pen & ink robot drawings will be on display and for sale. Great Holiday gifts for the nerds in your life.

And as a special bonus, Revenge Bot, the largest character sculpture Dave has ever made, will be making it's debut. It's big. You are going to want to see this.

Opening party THIS Friday December 7th - 7-10 pm.

The show will be on display for two consecutive weekends: December 8-9 & December 15-16 from 11am - 6pm"

The making of the REVENGE BOT...

This was ALL Dave Pressler's handy work! Pretty In Plastic lent shop space, a helping hand, and was his cheering squad;) 
GO DAVE!!!!!


SEEN "a few of my favorite things..." by Pretty In Plastic and Friends

We framed our favorite things for "Garage Sale" Art Show, this past weekend, curated by Clear With Guts. Garage Sale was all the rage...all the cool kids came out. Hopefully there will be more ;)


Frames Sculpted by Julie B.
Oraz 2012 by Amber White

Horse Fly by Carrie Kruger
Mini Peep Show by Julie B. 
Octopi by Julie B.

More photos in previous post!
Thank You, Julie B

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Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from design...sculpt...prototype...limited art runs...to manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.