Resin Toy Juried Show Winners!

Winners announced on TAG Blog 
"Coming in 3rd place was a beautiful clear totem resin piece by C-Toys named "Ra", 2nd place was given to Paul Kaiju's amazingly well crafted and designed "King Jinx", and 1st place went to the perfect production like "Cosmic Hobo" from Arbito... amazing! Lastly there was an honorable mention and that was given to GUF of Tattoo Royale's piece "Gummi Larry"... very well deserved!" -Spanky Stokes...

Tonight! TAG Resin Juried Show


first preview HERE, but this is a much more updated grid of characters...(thanks spanky!)

Toy Art Gallery is excited to announce the opening of our first Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show! The Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show was created to showcase new and established toy artists who use the versatile medium of resin to create their work. Some are known, some are not, but all bring something new and unique to the toy art world and we’re happy and excited to present their work for the world to see!

Participating artists (with more to come):
Americo Das Neves
Andrew Stewart
Bob Conge
Butch Adams
Defiance Speed Shop
Steven Erst
Erik Jacobus
Galaxy People
Giant Japanese Monster, Bad!
Imagination Asylum
Isaac Hall
Keenan Cassidy
Paul Kaiju
Planet Domu
Rampage Toys
Jereme Scott
Tattoo Royale
Toy Architects
Trenton M.

We’ve selected some fantastic toy art bloggers, experts, and aficionados to be our jurors, including John Stokes ( Jeremy Brautman ( Ayleen Gaspar ( George Gaspar ( and Julie B ( They’ll be awarding some fantastic prizes, so be sure to attend the opening to see the action and meet the artists and judges..

The Toy Art Gallery Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show opens June 10th, 2011 from 7 PM – 11 PM and runs until July 1st.

Tonight at Gallery 1988 - American McGee's Alice

Amazing and Beautiful Video Game and Artwork
Installation by Pretty In Plastic
 Current LA Exhibit



Public Reception: Thursday, June 9th, 7-10PM

June 8 - 12, 2011*
* This event will take place during the Scribe solo show,
which will continue after the event closes on June 12th.


Erika Walton Jewelry & Pretty In Plastic!

Super Heroes To The Rescue!

You must have heard of Alter Ego by Erika Walton. If you haven't this is how she explains her work "Alter Ego recycles vintage toys from the 1950's - 1990's and incorporates them with semi-precious stones, beads and charms to create unique, hand crafted pieces to treasure forever."

Can you picture what her work looks like? Trust me, probably not! Erika Walton's designs are not like something that you would see everywhere. Her imagination and designs go to places that not a lot of jewelry designers can go.

I am a huge fan of comic book characters. Doesn't matter if it's DC or Marvel, I love the characters and their stories. I know that they are never forgotten, they make movies, cartoons, prints and many new and different versions of them. BUT, seeing them being used as jewelry pieces makes Erika's work more interesting. And the fact that the vintage toys are being used is a big plus.

Being said that, now you're wondering what's this have to do with Pretty In Plastic? We are proud to say that Pretty In Plastic & Erika Walton worked together for the Erika Walton Jewelry Superhero Collection. And if you ask me, they look superb!!

You can find the Superhero collection on Alter Ego website:

I definitely want one of these!

Nathan Hamill :: Curiozity

Pretty In Plastic team have been very busy lately! One of our latest projects was with the talented and dashing Nathan Hamill. He just put up his Curiozity resin on his online store and they are almost gone already. 

Nathan Hamill was also at De Corner last month for the signing of his new Curiozity "Emerald" edition. 

5" tall
3 editions

You can find them on here: 

more information about Curiozity and Nathan Hamill:

also you can check out rest of his work on his blog:

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.