Los Angeles, CA - The Jai & Jai Gallery is pleased to announce the release of its first exclusive art figures, "Stubbs + LuLu". Stubbs + LuLu are the first of many collectible art figures to be designed and produced by the Jai sisters. Fabricated by art toy visionaries Pretty In Plastic, the Stubbs + LuLu figures are limited to only 60 pieces worldwide, they are approx. 4.5" in height and come packaged in a beautiful, handcrafted bamboo box. The opening reception will be Saturday, July 28th from 7 PM until 10 PM, and the artists will be in attendance.

The figures are based on their real-life Chow Chow counterparts, a pair of intensely loyal dogs that are as much family as the Jai sisters themselves. Stubbs, the regal and smoothly-coated male, stands with an air of peace-loving ease and silent authority; LuLu's fierce energy radiates from her crazy spikes and defensive stance. Both of these figurines project the cunning and confidence of the real-life dogs, who have brought luck and love to the lives of the Jai sisters. As Chinese emperors were buried with terra-cotta soldiers for protection in the afterlife, let Stubbs + LuLu serve as your protectors in this life.

Stubbs + LuLu were designed and 3D modeled by Jaitip, the younger of the Jai sisters, and will be available in Pop Pink, Bubblegum Blue, Porcelain White, and Seafoam Green, now the Jai sisters are pleased to share their luck and love with you through these remarkable figures. Available at the Jai & Jai Gallery and will be displayed at Kidrobot LA, Stubbs + LuLu figures will be available for only $135 each. There will also be a few special, one-off "chase" colors available at random.


About Jai & Jai - Established in one of Los Angeles's key cultural centers, Chinatown, Jai & Jai is a design collaborative and gallery created by sisters Jomjai and Jaitip.  Its aims are to explore and promote Los Angeles artists. Jaitip is the younger of the two sisters, and has a masters degree in Architecture from SCI-Arc. Through original creations and exhibitions, Jai & Jai hopes to be a part of the vibrant discourse surrounding emergent and traditional design.

About Pretty In Plastic - Pretty In Plastic Inc. is a leading expert in the world of designer toy creation. They fill a specialized need in the market from design, sculpt to production, including prototypes, 3D modeling and printing, limited editions, larger scale art pieces, and installations of the highest quality. Working very closely with established artists and clients, they truly capture their unique aesthetic and provide top-notch service, and highest caliber sculpting and art production.

For more information, please contact:
Jai & Jai Gallery / www.jainjai.com
648 North Spring Street / Los Angeles, CA 90012

Pretty In Plastic / www.prettyinplastic.com
Facebook - Pretty In Plastic / Twitter - @prettyplasticla

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We recently collaborated with Dave Pressler and Laura at Rivet Gallery to put together the group art show:  Morphous Group Exhibition.  The show is a best of the best sculpture exhibition and opens July 7th and runs through the 31st.  The Morphous Group Exhibition will include work by Doktor A ,
Dave Pressler, Chet Zar, Dalton Ghetti, Jason Limon, J.Shea, Jake Waldron, Michihiro Matsuoka, Marcelo Macedo, Wade Schin, Mark James Porter, Miss Mindy, Ramon Pla, Phil Ramirez, Jesse Gee, The Dark Waters, Irene Mendonis, Scott Radke, John Chandler, Stephen Chiodo, Travis Lampe, as well as Julie B!

For this show Julie B. created "The Heist" a one of a kind gold can of octopuses. 

24K Gold Plated Can and Resin...process...

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from design...sculpt...prototype...limited art runs...to manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.