TGIF! B-Kaws from Necessaries Toy Foundation - Bootlegging a Bootlegger!!

News flash from Spanky Stokes ---

A very interesting solicitation email came our way this morning. Not only was it interesting in what it contained, but it was even more interesting (to us anyway) about who it was from. "B-KAWZ: APPROPRIATING THE APPROPRIATOR" is a new vinyl figure from Necessaries Toy Foundation

With this new release, they are pretty much doing what artist Kaws already does... taking a classic character, putting XX's on the eyes as well as minimal additional sculpted elements, and calling it their own. Now, Kaws does nothing for us in that sense... not very creative - although a few of his designs are great - nothing in recent memory is very original... that's why after seeing this "bootleg" or "tribute" to Kaws is actually kinda cool.

...uncovered some flashback photos from 2006 in the studio in the back of  Meltdown Comics!

xo julie b!

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