GARAGE SALE this weekend!!!

Press Release:
Clearwithguts presents Garage Sale. Garage (pronounced how I say it: "garr- ridge") Sale is hosted by MutonIsMyFriend and is a word of mouth pop-up gallery/art-show/party held in a garage. The idea is for people to come along, check out some affordable art, hang out and have fun! 
Who is involved? 
So far confirmed are: Velocitron, Josh Herbolsheimer, Mitchell Edmonds, Brian Flynn, Splurrt, Monster Worship, Adam Middleton/RabbitsAndRobots, Toby Dutkiewicz/Devils Head Productions, Scott Wilkowski, JulieB/Pretty In Plastic, Dennis Hamaan/Shirihama, David Coffman, Megan Kelly, Uh-Oh Toys, Ralph Consentino and last, but certainly not least, Datadub/Fig-Lab. That doesn't even include at least one, and possibly more, extra special surprise guests!
What makes Garage Sale different? Artistic contributors decide their own prices and keep 100% of the proceeds. The idea is to show an eclectic quality mix of toys and art. It's a fun alternative to galleries, not an attempt to take them on or step on their toes. No hype. No egos. No pretensions. The idea is fun.
What is the motivation behind Garage Sale? In monetary terms – nothing - In fact it'll be a money loser for me. However, it will be a chance for me to give something back to a scene I love and that has provided me a lot of joy and camaraderie over the last few years. I’m not an artist, or a toy maker, so this is what I came up with. My time is very precious, but I'd love to give this a shot and see where it goes.
When is it? The inaugural show is on Saturday December 1st starting at 3 PM until 8 PM.
Where is it? 1239 N. Hoover Street, Los Angeles, CA 90029. Near all your Sunset Junction favorites like Akbar, El Cid and Del Taco.
Where can I find more information? Check out for updates, background, info and sneak previews of what's in store.

Garage Sale is 100% non-profit and all sales will be cash only. Thanks for listening!

Pretty In Plastic For Kozyndan "Breaking Circles, Broken Light" at Narwhal Gallery


Narwhal presents Breaking Circles, Broken Light, Los Angeles-based artists Kozyndan’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. Prolific collaborators Kozyndan—partners Kozue and Dan Kitchens—are known for their beguiling drawings, prints, and sculptures that seduce through their facility with degrees of representation that shift from the photorealistic to the cartoonish, their gentle humour, wanton use of colour and sometimes haunting imagery. More info below...


Notorious zoophiles, for this show Kozyndan had initially pla
nned to create a visual ode to those species of the animal world being lost to extinction. Early into the production of work for this exhibition, while visiting Hawaii, the artists encountered an enormous rainbow flexing over the ocean, its awe-inspiring scale anchoring it in the realm of the truly sublime. Kozyndan experienced this manifestation as philosopher Emmanuel Kant, in his The Critique of Judgment (1790) describes such ineffable apparitions as calling forth ideas of limitlessness and totality. Truly discombobulated, Kozyndan felt the need to try to address this sense in their new body of work.

Breaking Circles, Broken Light includes new sculptures and works on paper as a nuanced ode to taking delight in the beauty, form, and presence of the animals we live amongst, the myths we’ve formulated about them, and the joy they inspire. Yet the work is also heavy with the knowledge that the ties that bind us to animals, and the connections that hold us all together, are the same ones that humans are using to slowly strangle the life out of the world we share. In Leaving Encante, Amazon River boto dolphins are shown in their mythic form as shapeshifting ‘encantandos’ known to take human form and either beguile or terrify the people they encounter. In We Come Together To Make The World Fun! red pandas form a tight ring to conjure a spectral appearance out of the ether. Kozyndan beguile us with the gorgeous, charming, endangered, storied animals that populate these new works while simultaneously sounding a subtle and resonant call to action.

2988 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z3
Opening Reception: November 16, 2012 from 7-10pm
Show Runs November 16-December 16, 2012

For more information please visit

Día Del Helado Muerto: Ice Scream Man Custom Clutter this weekend

Cerebros Dulces by Julie B. (Pretty In Plastic)

Stolen from the desk of TrustPigs ;)

November 8, 2012 - by TrustPigs
Clutter Magazine proudly announces the very first group exhibition in our Beacon, NY location! For this inaugural Designer Toy show outing, we are partnering with Brutherford Industries to curate a show using the "Ice Scream Man" platform with a Día de los Muertos theme.
"Día del Helado Muerto," a custom toy show using Brutherford's Ice Scream Man platform, will have an opening reception on Saturday, November 10th at 6PM until 9PM and be available for viewing through January 5th, 2013 at The Clutter Gallery, 163 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508.
To join The Clutter Gallery Preview List, from which you will receive special pre-opening information and the opportunity to buy exhibition pieces prior to the show opening, please click here. Notices will go out early the day of the opening.
Below please find images of the show flyer as well as Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co.'s contribution, "I Scream Kaiju." Nagata's piece stands 15" tall and is made out of the resin base platform with soft sofubi vinyl add-ons, elements made of Apoxie sculpt and finish in Monster Kolor paints. "I Scream Kaiju" will be available for sale during the exhibition for $300.
File 14683
File 14684
An AMAZING piece by Mark Nagata....
File 14685

Le Chat "Bizarre" - Femke Hiemstra x Cherry Vinyl x Julie B.

Meow... A very special treat for Designer Con...

Le Chat is the vision of the amazing artist Femke Hiemstra. 
Le Chat in toy version is a creation of Cherry Vinyl.
A special batch will be avail. at D-Con...
Le Chat "Bizarre"! Avail. at Pretty In Plastic (Booth 116)
These are hand painted with love by Julie B.

Yes... Cherry Vinyl is still alive and scratching ... we'll be bringing you updates soon ;)

PIP Bazaar at DesignerCon - Sneak Peek

You cannot miss our Pretty In Plastic Bazaar at the 2012 DesignerCon!!!   We've curated an awesome collection of artists who make really, really killer stuff!!!!

Get ready to pimp up your life with pieces from B-PlusJai & JaiKARVTBrutherford IndustriesMiyu DecayElliot JacksonAmber White, Cherry Vinyl and a few surprises.... Also, check out some of our latest protos including Dreamland Mickey for Tristan Eaton!

Stop by Booth #116 at D-Con on November 3rd at the Pasadena Convention Center to check out amazing art for everyday life... 

and....face painting...masks...helium... 

...follow us onTwitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest news.

Unpacking goodies from Brutherford Industries...

more to come...

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.