Pretty In Plastic - Designer Toy Award 2013 Finalist!

The votes have been collected and the results tallied, and Pretty in Plastic is thrilled to announce that we have been been selected as a finalist for The Designer Toy Awards 2013 for consideration under the category of Outstanding Production for our work with artist Tristan Eaton's and our sculpting of his piece "Dreamland Mickey".

You voted for Dreamland Mickey in the preliminaries. Now, a panel of DTA Board Members and Judges are preparing to announce the winner for the Outstanding Production Award. Stay tuned - the results will be announced at the 3rd Annual DTA ceremony in New York City on October 12th, 2013 (during New York Comic-Con weekend).

Photo Credit: Tristan Eaton

We'll be crossing our fingers as we await the announcement of winners, and we hope you will be too!

xoxo Pretty in Plastic

SDCC 2013 was NUTS! See you next year...


Tiny Kitten Teeth 

The White Rabbit

Traveling in Style

Traveling in Style

Doktor A and Julie B. and some photo-bombers

Paul Kaiju behind bars


Pretty Girls

see you next year party people...
xoxo pretty in plastic!

SDCC Round-up!

SDCC Round-up!

With San Diego Comic Con 2013 kicking off, it's been a big week for us over here at Pretty in Plastic and for the artists we work with! Whether you're currently at the con or keeping an eye on the ongoings from home, let's go over what collaborations and sculpts by Pretty in Plastic you'll see at SDCC this year!

Photo Credit: Mr. Toast

These Shaky Bacon's are a collaboration between Dan Goodsell of Mr. Toast and Pretty in Plastic. These limited edition hand-painted bacons are available at Mr. Toast's booth stall 5250 for $45 a slice. Get them while they sizzle!

Photo Credit: Munky King

Next up is Mr. Pumfrey and his Astounding Mechanised Perambulator, a collaboration between Doktor A, Munky King, Dave Pressler, and Pretty in Plastic. These eight inch tall creatures based off Doktor A character were sculpted by Dave Pressler and Pretty in Plastic and produced by Munky King. Mr. Pumfrey is limited to an edition of 100 and  is available for $130 (tax included) at the Munky King booth, stall #4851. Don't let these perambulate away...

These delightful "Egglue the Giraffes" are the brainchild of Frank and Becky of Tiny Kitten Teeth and were created by us folks here at Pretty in Plastic. They come in four color-ways: sherbet, spearmint, banana bean, and the multi-mix parfait (not shown) - each one is unique! They're up for adoption at the Gallery Nucleus booth, stall #2734, where Frank and Becky will be representing for the whole convention!

Last, but certainly not least, is "Lucky" the devil, a Mike Egan character brought to you by DKE Toys. "Lucky", sculpted by Pretty in Plastic and cast out of beautiful Japanese vinyl by Luke Rook, is Egan's second toy debut at SDCC in a row. These eight inch tall devils are available at the DKE Toys booth at stall #5045 for $60 a pop. They are limited to an edition of 100 for both orange and black color-ways, so make sure you stop by early!

Well, there we have it. We loved having the privilege of working with all of these amazing artists, and hope that you enjoy the fruit of our labors, whether you're currently at SDCC or at home. Julie B. will be at SDCC all weekend taking photos for our instagram, so keep an eye out for her at the con and make sure to stay tuned to our feed!

Have a great con!
xoxo Pretty in Plastic

Mike Egan x Pretty in Plastic at SDCC!

Who says the number 13 can't be lucky? We're proud to show off "Lucky" the devil, the second toy release from Mike Eganbrought to you by DKE Toys, Sculpted by Pretty In Plastic and made of beautiful Japanese vinyl by Luke Rook!

Mike Egan's "Lucky" in the sketch phase

For the second year in a row, artist Mike Egan will be showcasing his talent at San Diego Comic Con. Last year, Egan debuted his first three dimensional piece, BONES, at SDCC 2012 and experienced much success (also sculpted by Pretty In Plastic). We expect that this year will be no different!

Oh no, a decapitated devil head! Don't worry, it's about to be mounted on it's body. ;)

"Lucky", sculpted by us folks here at Pretty in Plastic, stands about 8" tall and will be available at the DKE Toys booth (#5045) this week at SDCC! At $60 a pop, it's hard to deny the urge to add "Lucky" to your collection. This piece is limited to an edition of 100 (including both the black and orange color-ways), so stop by the DKE Toys booth early to be sure you "get lucky". ;)

The clay/wax sculpting phase... all ready for casting!

...And casting's complete!

Mike Egan will also have a number of his original paintings for sale at the DKE Toys booth, and if you stop by Thursday, July 18th or Saturday, July 20th at 4pm, Egan will be available for signing! 

So make your way over to the DKE Toys booth at stall 5045 and check out this awesome Mike Egan piece. And don't forget to keep your eyes open for Julie B.

Have a Happy Con!
xoxo Pretty in Plastic

Tiny Kitten Teeth x Pretty in Plastic at SDCC!

Pretty in Plastic has teamed up with Frank and Becky of Tiny Kitten Teeth to release this delicious glossy edition of their character Egglue the Giraffe!

Revised Sketch of Frank and Becky's Egglue, the final step before the sculpting starts! 

Frank and Becky will be debuting Egglue this weekend at San Diego Comic Con, July 18th - 21st. You can find Frank and Becky at the Gallery Nucleus booth (#2734) where they'll be holding down the fort for the entire convention alongside Olly Moss, Mike Mitchell, Scott C and Kazu Kibuishi!

In addition to the debut of Egglue, Frank and Becky will also have a ton of other goodies available, including brand new prints and the Tiny Kitten Teeth hardcover book.

Becky and Frank checking out the Egglue clay/wax sculpt at the Pretty in Plastic studio!

Pretty in Plastic's clay/wax sculpt of Egglue. Now they're ready for casting!


Egglue's limited edition flavors - Sparkly Spearmint,  Banana Bean, Sherbet, and a special multi-mix Parfait Color-way (each one is unique!)

So make sure you stop by and visit Frank and Becky at the Gallery Nucleus booth #2734. Not only can you pick up your very own Egglue, but Frank and Becky will also be available to sign prints and other goodies all day.

Be sure to also keep an eye out for our very own Julie B., who'll be at SDCC reppin' Pretty in Plastic all weekend! If you spot her, don't forget to say "hi!" :)

xoxo Pretty in Plastic

Dok A x Munky King x Dave Pressler x Pretty in Plastic! at SDCC

Photo Credit: Munky King

Mr. Pumfrey And His Astounding Mechanised Perambulator: 
Autumn Amble colorway
Edition of 100
$130 (tax incl)

Headed to San Diego Comic Con? Be sure to stop by the Munky King booth to snag your own Mr. Pumfrey and His Astounding Mechanised Perambulator.

Ever wonder what goes into a Pretty in Plastic sculpt? Check out these clay/wax phase 
sculpts for an insight into the process!

This wonderful character is the concoction of monster mastermind Doktor A and produced by the fabulous folks over at Munky KingMr. Pumfrey stands 8 inches tall and is removable from his perambulating base, which features clear lenses housing it's gears as well as a ton of other delightful gadgetry details. Sculpted by Dave Pressler and Pretty in Plastic, these   limited edition goodies will be available at San Diego Comic Con July 18th - 21st at booth #4851.

The original Dok A Mr. Pumfrey and his Astounding Mechanised Perambulator sketch!

Be sure to head to the Munky King booth (#4851) first thing, as this edition of 100 won't last for long!

Mr. Toast x Pretty in Plastic at SDCC!

Shaky Bacon's at San Diego Comic Con 2013!

Headed to San Diego Comic Con this year? Perhaps you'll be one of the lucky individuals picks up one of these limited edition hand-painted Shaky Bacons, a special collaboration between Mr. Toast and the folks here at Pretty in Plastic.

These Shaky Bacon's will be available July 18th - 20th (provided that they last!) at Mr. Toast's booth in stall 5250 and will be selling for $45 each. Check out the official comic con map here... Mr. Toast's booth, as well as other plastic candy Pretty in Plastic has had a hand in making, is in the orange "Vinyl and Collectible Toys" section on the top left of the map.

Pretty in Plastic also worked with Mr. Toast to create a very limited edition of transparent red Shaky Bacons, shown above. This edition sold out in a flash, so be sure to make it to the Mr. Toast booth early as we anticipate that the hand-painted Shaky Bacon's will fly just as fast!

We hope to bump into you at SDCC!
xoxo pretty in plastic!!

Dok A x Munky King x Dave Pressler x Pretty in Plastic Full Reveal!

Photo Credit: Munky King

It's here! Check out the official full reveal of Dok A's Mr Pumfrey and his Astounding Mechanised Perambulator, sculpted by Dave Pressler and Pretty in Plastic and produced by Munky King. Be sure to watch the blog for info on how to snag one of these very limited toys at SDCC!

What're the folks at Pretty in Plastic cooking up now?

Mr. Toast x Pretty in Plastic have Shaky Bacon's in the Kitchen.
Check back soon for more info!

2013 Designer Toy Awards Nominates Tristan Eaton

Exciting News!

Pretty in Plastic is thrilled to announce another nominee for the 2013 Designer Toy AwardsTristan Eaton's Dreamland Mickey under the category of Outstanding Production!


Making Dreams Come True at Pretty In Plastic!!

Voting for the 2013 Designer Toy Awards is now closed, but be sure to check back on July 23rd when the finalists are revealed!

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.

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