Stawberry Crack Killer!

custom rainbowasaurus captain greywashers!
WOW...why haven't we seen this one? Nice work!!!!... we love it!

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New from Switcheroo and Amanda Visell

...made in Los Angeles here at the Pretty In Plastic toy factory!

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"hand painted resin figure. limited edition 25. This is the alter ego of the Birthday Dragon. A hot tamale. This dude will toast you with the blue fires of the underworld. Im sure you'll be fine, just an f.y.i.
#4 in the sold out zoo trip series. Dragon size is aprox 6 x 7 x 2.5, each comes with a death rider girl, skull and signed and numbered matching print.
If you're you're local you can order online and pick up in shop.
1 per you! Play nice!"

Endangered Animals Immortalized in Regrind

From the Neon Monster Blog - posted by jeremy
May 4, 2010
Julie B for Inflitrate
Yeah, I know the title of this post sounds like an album by some prog band or maybe even something released on a cassette-only label, but what we’re talking about here is Julie B using eco-friendly materials to create a large-scale installation. What exactly is “regrind” you ask? Quoted on her blog:
Julie said, “When I took the initial challenge, it was hard to find anyone who’d managed to utilize regrind (discarded plastic ground into a usable molding substance) and eco-friendly material, in the way I knew it needed to be done to get the effect we wanted – where the creatures are opaque during the day and semi-transparent at night. In the end, while I’m keeping most of technique secret, everything had to be painstakingly hand applied.”
Julie B for Infiltrate
In case you were looking to link Julie B and T-Pain, Kevin Bacon-style, the connection isn’t voice modulation, but rather Save My Oceans, an awareness campaign (also featuring Shepard Fairey), asking people to pledge to:
  1. Choose reusable bottles and bags instead of plastic ones.
  2. Eat non-endangered seafood.
  3. Prevent ocean temperatures from rising by reducing carbon footprint.
These are some things we can get behind. You can make your pledge here. Oh, and the sculptures look rad, too.
Julie B for Inflitrate
Click through for a work-in-progress shot of Julie and a giant regrind turtle and a short video showing the illuminated creatures and some college kids. Lots more info about Julie and this project can be found on her Planet Illogica page.
Julie B for Inflitrate
Thanks Jeremy!!!
Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.