Yoskay's Baburu and Bronze Koibito for Munky King

...With help from talented Benjamin Salomon... creator of all colors under the sun and more you didn't even know existed... master of materials and magic duplicator of nature... and... the nicest maniac you'll ever meet.

Pretty In Plastic cast and candy coated Baburu and bronze plated Koibito...

Available at MunkyKing.com

Baburu by Yoskay
for Munky King:

Koibito by Yoskay
For Munky King:

Bronze Plated

Morsels - Gary Ham

Eye Candy!

Morsels release is coming soon...

These treats are the vision of Arizona Artist Gary Ham.

We were lucky enough to work with Ham hand casting and painting his limited edition Morsels dolls, with Cocomint scheduled to release November 5th at noon.

Cocomint and Neapolitan

and Peppermint

Can't wait that long? Well then hurry and buy a raffle ticket for the opportunity to win Ham's one-of-a-kind Halloween Morsel:

In Ham's own words: "It's not a trick, it's a treat!". Purchase your raffle ticket for $5 HERE. Raffle ends October 28, 2009 at 12 p.m. MST. Winning ticket will be announced November 2, 2009 on Toy Break episode #98.

Want to see even more of what the the Haminal's been up to? Follow up with him at his blog.

Smell ya later! LL
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