2013 Designer Toy Awards nominates Kozyndan

Can we get a drumroll please?

Pretty in Plastic is beyond excited to announce that Kozyndan was nominated for the 2013 Designer Toy Awards under the category of Outstanding Production!

Making Magic Happen at Pretty In Plastic!!

From the Designer Toy Awards: “The category of outstanding production celebrates meticulous attention to detail and overall production. Everything about this item should be top-notch.”

Be sure to register and create a profile on the Designer Toy Awards website to vote for Kozyndan! And we'd so very much love it if you do!  Vote for KOZYNDAN

Nathan Hamill x Pretty In Plastic - Kammu: Bronze Edition

"Inspired by bravery and honor, wisdom and strength. 
Protector of the Fates."
Produced by Pretty In Plastic 
Available for purchase:

"Jelly" - Tommy Jun X Pretty In Plastic X Flabslab

"Don't Be Jelly of my Girls" -  
Japanese born, Los Angeles based artist, Tommy Jun, 2013

"Float Like a Butterfly. Sting Like a Bee." 

Keep your eyes on - FLABSLAB

xoxo pretty in plastic!

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