My Chemical Romance: Mousekat Resin

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mychemicalromanceAs part of the lead up to the recent release of My Chemical Romance's latest Dangerous Day album, sculptor David Zajdman and Jed Carter (La Bande Wagon) created a limited-edition Mousekat resin figure based on the original artwork provided by the band.   Sculpted in short order (three days) and produced by Julie B (Pretty in Plastic), the Mousekat resins (ed. of 50) were released in solid blue exclusively at MCR’s November 22nd show @ the House of Blues in LA.   

Mousekat Front

This sharp-looking, spunky piece continues a growing trend towards music crossover projects.  In our book it’s a positive move which exposes new audiences to collectible art toys/sculptures.  Mousekat is sculptor David Zajdman’s first production sculpt.  Next up for David is the Omi Show @ Munky King.

David and Original Original SculptArtist ProofsArtist Proofs 1 Mousekat Right Mousekat Left my-chemical-romance-na-na-na-video-shoot-150030

Renee French at Meltdown Comics

From Meltdown's BLOG:

Announcing: Renee French Slug Girl Toy Launch/Book Signing for H day and High Five show preview

Nov 222010
Gallery Meltdown will be hosting a toy launch and book signing for Renee French and her recently released book, H DAY published by Picturebox, on Saturday November 27th at 6 pm.
Ms. French is pleased to partner with Meltdown & Monster5 to bring you her SLUG GIRL, sculpted from her illustration in Edison Steelhead’s Lost Portfolio: Exploratory Studies of Girls and Rabbits. Meltdown has collaborated with award-winning artist, Renee French & sculptor Monster5, And Pretty In Plastic, to create an extremely limited edition toy, available exclusively at Meltdown.

Gallery Meltdown presents HIGH FIVE!!
A super-cool art show with Renee French, Kozyndan, Alice Pine & Chris Stangl.

Closing reception: November 27th, 2010. 6 p.m.

High Five Show Preview


Preview Pic from D-Con.

Pretty in Plastic & Miyu Decay at DesignerCon

Written on by Jeremy - 

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The Pretty in Plastic booth was an amalgamation of several entities including Julie B, Stephanie Inagaki, Neon Monster, Brian Castleforte and Nathan Hamill.
Pay special attention to this juxtaposition between Julie and Stephanie, or Pretty in Plastic and Miyu Decay, or as I like to call it “Pretty Decay”. I think it’s got legs, don’t you? Jellyfish legs…
The Jelly imagery was from Pretty in Plastic’s Endangered Species installation last May.
If you like Stephanie’s hand-cast silver bat jewelry, support her Kickstarter project, which is happening right now, right here.


D-con stood for desire...and debaucherous this year. We won't go into all the details...but here is a re-cap of the day and pictures from the show.

We were happy to host NEON MONSTER and all the AMAZING customs of the mini Psnail. Everyone did a kick-ass job.

The Weird Watermelon colorway was released and received with awe and affection. It glowed nicely atop our Custom Display for the D-con Psnail light show. These glowing pillars were made out of recycled barrels and with glossy lit caps.


other colors avail. for pre-order.

The OG Psnails also made an appearence. Here is one with Paul Kaiju's slick custom. (hard to see how awesome it is in this pic)

Nathan Hamill had two releases, two raffle give-aways at Spanky Stokes booth...and a signing... As always it was great to see Mr. Spanky Stokes and his amazing Noodle Bowl! He is one SMART guy!

Curiosity resin. Limited edition of 8 in this OG colorway. Stands 5" tall. $80. Designed by Nathan Hamill. Sculpted by Julie B. Molded and cast by Pretty In Plastic. Painted by Nathan Hamill

tyrannoCECILrex goes for $60. The few remaining of both these great pieces will be available on our store page...and currently at Nathan Hamill Store.

 Castleforte had an amazing booth full of all sorts of new goodies...books, paper toys, t-shirts, the works! His custom snails was a delight! Pretty In Plastic debuted his FLOCKED Green Wack machine! News of a release to come...

We presented a sneak peek of Slug Girl with Renee French and Meltdown comics. They will be avail. this Saturday at Meltdown Comics!

Renee came out early for the show and it was an honor to meet this uber talented illustrator. We also had some of her books for sale which are also available through Meltdown.

She is also having a very special release coming up in NYC in a few weeks. We will keep you posted.

Stephanie Inagaki was able to spend the day with us and we showcased some amazing pieces by her. Check out her site... We have an awesome project in the works with this very talented grrl...and are ramping up our custom silver and jewelry production. Ask us more...

and so much more...

Mr. Lee Joseph stopped by to chat and took many of these great pics with his new camera...special for event shooting...he is on top of his game and always a pleasure to see...

 Dimitrious and Bird (?) said hello... He has an awesome project up his... @#$% so to speak... stay tuned for that... You will understand soon enough.

DJ DayBreak (DayBreakAudio) was in full force serving up delicious treats throughout the day....He and Photographer Ruben Diaz went on a hunt for their new faves below...

...and last...but definitely not least...and something I am most excited about... It almost deserves its own little parade...When I get the party platters made and the music ready...we will send out the invites...

We teased with samples from the new Pretty In Plastic fashion line by AntiFame! We will elaborate soon...and have better pics...  Thank You all for a great day....

 cheers and see you next time...

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Ruben DIAZ (photo credit!), Bec, Cris, Stephanie Inagaki, Rafael, Lara, Voula, Zure, and Steve! xo j 

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.