Monstoberfest at Rothick Art Haus

Rothick art haus is very proud to present Monstoberfest, a cult monster themed group show curated by Irene Mendonis. Pretty In Plastic collaborated with Antifame fashion to create a pretty and dangerous monster for the show...  (more info. and pictures to follow...)

 Monstoberfest: a celebration of all that creepy, cruel and remotely cute about monsters. So tis the season to celebrate with Rothick's biggest artist line up to date: Brandt Peters with his deviant Animalia, Kathie Olivas's misfit mutant children, The Pizz known as the "Lord of Lowbrow", Chet Zar's freakish horror portraits, plus Squid Kids Ink, BigToe, Katz, Tim Gore, Brian Vazques, Linda-Panda, Michael White, Zombienose, GRIMB, M, Mustachio, Neil Winn, Apricot Mantle, Marco Almera, Tracy Tubera, Yukie Sakai, George Gaspar, Frans Kusuma, Candy, irene mendonis, Aglaia Mortcheva, Andy Anderson, David Lozeau, Jerome Lu, Glenn Arthur, Dustin Meyers, Danny Schutt, Bradie Shemke, Kitty Brown, Sam Gambino and Pretty in Plastic by Julie B.

-Posted by GOB Magazine On 10/02/2010

Monstoberfest Opening Reception
October 9, 2010
Rothick art haus

There will be live music by Brother Cecil, Dj Oldboy, and the Kogis truck will be here for you to fill you monster appetites. via Facebook | Monstoberfest.

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