My Chemical Romance: Mousekat Resin

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mychemicalromanceAs part of the lead up to the recent release of My Chemical Romance's latest Dangerous Day album, sculptor David Zajdman and Jed Carter (La Bande Wagon) created a limited-edition Mousekat resin figure based on the original artwork provided by the band.   Sculpted in short order (three days) and produced by Julie B (Pretty in Plastic), the Mousekat resins (ed. of 50) were released in solid blue exclusively at MCR’s November 22nd show @ the House of Blues in LA.   

Mousekat Front

This sharp-looking, spunky piece continues a growing trend towards music crossover projects.  In our book it’s a positive move which exposes new audiences to collectible art toys/sculptures.  Mousekat is sculptor David Zajdman’s first production sculpt.  Next up for David is the Omi Show @ Munky King.

David and Original Original SculptArtist ProofsArtist Proofs 1 Mousekat Right Mousekat Left my-chemical-romance-na-na-na-video-shoot-150030
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