Rainbowasaurus - AND HERE IT IS!

Rainbowasaurus is a comin'

Rainbowasaurus - Bwana Spoons - flyer
Saturday December 20 7-10pm
at Switcheroo
(543-B South Raymond, Pasadena 91105)
with Bwana, mini art show and more!

AND don't forget!!!
tomorrow is our Pretty in Plastic open studio!
in conjunction with the Downtown LA Artwalk
6-9pm in the Spring Arts Tower
(453 South Spring, Suite 1012, Los Angeles 90013)
We'll have toys, art, drinks and fun!

Lots to do tomorrow... with the artwalk and Munky King's Koibito release, but stop by to say hi or just come chill with us!

VTN... Whew!

What with finals, VTN and Gallery 1988 craziness (where I lackey it up), the past week has just about killed me. But I have dragged myself out of the grave just for you...

It was awesome seeing everybody out at VTN this past weekend! Pretty in Plastic had a sweet booth near the entrance, showing Monty's Mad Puss and Nicebunny's Wack toys in NEON!! (Somehow, the word neon seems to require caps and exclamation points.) And Scott Tolleson showed off Pretty in Plastic paint samples of Doc Von Block at his booth.

I thought Super7's Bemon was awesome but ended up getting some minis instead, agonized over whether to buy all the Treesons I could find, picked up some prints and even won a print in Spanky Stokes's raffle (yay free stuff). There was a lot of great toys (if only I could have them all...) but I forgot to grab some zombies. Arghh.

So since sleep deprivation may make my writing a bit slurry, I'll let pictures and others do the rest for me:

At the Pretty in Plastic booth...
VTN - Pretty in Plastic @ VTN
Julie B (the force behind Pretty in Plastic)

Mad Puss - Monty - VTN 08
Mad Puss got a lot of interest. Monty had prototypes on display with the release coming next year. He also had some prints (more on those later) and an animation which you can watch at Mad Puss's site here.
Monty's MAD PUSS @ ToyCyte

Wack and Blite - Brian Castleforte - Neon Wack
Wack in NEON!! What more is there to say?
More info and to buy (only 4 left!) @ Nicebunny

Doc Von Block @ ToyCyte.
(Thank you Jeremy Brautman and ToyCyte for not subjecting these poor fools to more of my tired rambling...)

Evil Poopicorn was also released at the VTN after party/Switcheroo open house...
Vinyl Pulse has pics. (Check out the poopy fare!)

And before I go, Pretty in Plastic open studio Thursday 6-9pm in the Spring Arts Tower! Be there!
453 S Spring Suite 1012, Los Angeles 90013
at 5th & Spring

Poopicorn - Evil Poopicorn photos (release Saturday!)

goodness gracious. evil poopicorn tomorrow. and much much more... at the vtn after-party/switcheroo open house. (and at VTN itself.) vinyl pulse just sent up an awesome post with several handfuls of poopicorn photos so here is evil poopicorn for you to drool over...

Open Studio! Hooray!

Thursday December 11, during Downtown Art Walk, Pretty in Plastic is having an open studio in the Spring Arts Tower! You can see new toys we're working on (top secret) as well as toys we've made in the past. We'll also have drinks and more.

A lot of galleries are participating in the art walk, and you can find out about them here: DowntownArtWalk.com. I'm particularly excited about Crewest's "Printed" show that will be running.

We'll be having our open studio 6-9pm on Thursday, December 11. So make your rounds of the galleries and then stop by:

Pretty in Plastic open studio
453 South Spring St.
Suite 1012
Los Angeles, CA 90013

at Spring & 5th St.


VTN is this weekend, and we'll have Brian Castleforte's Wack & Blite toys in a exclusive secret colorway at the Pretty in Plastic booth. And we'll only have six.

In addition, you'll get a sneak preview of Mad Puss by Monty, and Scott Tolleson will have new paint samples of Doc Von Block.

Don Hertzfeldt at Silent Movie Theatre Tomorrow!

For animation fans...

How did this slip past me? Tomorrow Don Hertzfeldt is screening his new animated short "I Am So Proud of You" at Silent Movie Theatre. Two showings are already sold out but they added a midnight screening that hasn't sold out yet. BEST PART? The man will be there for a Q&A.


Bitter Films

I wish he had some toys.

Evil Poopicorn - Evil Poopicorn Dropping at VTN After-party

Evil Poopicorn - Amanda Visell - flyer

VTN is going to be superb this time around, and the fun don't stop there. Saturday, December 6, Switcheroo will be hosting the VTN after-party at their private workshop. Amanda Visell's Evil Poopicorn will be released (yay!) in an edition of 25, and Michelle Valigura will release plush toy Brass Knuckle Bob.

Wait, there's more. Vinyl Pulse reports that there will be free drinks and a few surprises to expect. Now this is one more thing to be thankful for...

(Happy Thanksgiving!)

Evil Poopicorn - Amanda Visell - flyer back

Evil Poopicorn - Amanda Visell - Switcheroo workshop
Amanda at the Switcheroo workshop with Apocalyptic Ephunts and Evil Poopicorns

Doc Von Block - Paint Samples

So, last week I said I would post more photos of Scott Tolleson's Doc Von Block (and sidekick beaker Ivan). We just got these preview photos of factory samples that are currently being worked on. (Thanks, Scott!) Look for Scott's booth at VTN, where he will have new paint samples of Doc in these colorways.

"Ill" Doc... Poor guy. I hope he hasn't been drinking the ethanol.
Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - Factory Sample Ill

007Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - Factory Sample Ill

Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - Factory Sample Ill

"Natural" Doc looking all tenured-like
Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - Factory Sample Natural

Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - Factory Sample Natural

Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - Factory Sample Natural

Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - Factory Sample Natural

Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - Factory Sample Natural

You, dear "X-ray" Doc, are my new best friend.
Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - Factory Sample X-ray

Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - Factory Sample X-ray

Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - Factory Sample X-ray

(and this is original Doc Von Block...)
Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson - box

All Doc Von Block, all the time

UPDATE: These guys are slated for an APRIL 2009 release.

More at Vinyl Pulse

Rainbowasaurus - Party with Switcheroo

Going to a Switcheroo party sounds kinda dirty, but the closest to dirty you'll find at Switcheroo may be Poopicorn and his cute little droppings. (And if you're of the poop persuasion, check out their doodie dolls by Anna Chambers. Adorable filth--gotta love it.) Anyway, this is going to be a good one:

According to Bwana Spoons, Switcheroo is throwing a release party/mini Rainbowasaurus show on December 20 at their new place in LA. Bwana will be in attendance, as will anybody else in their right mind.

More info to come SOON!

VTN News!

VTN is coming up in less than a month and I am super excited!! VTN is Vinyl Toy Network and will be taking place December 6-7 at the Pasadena Convention Center. We'll have a booth with some exclusive guests--Brian Castleforte a.k.a NiceBunny's Wack & Blite toys in a special colorway. We'll have six for sale, and they come with a print and special packaging, too.

And for those who didn't see Wack & Blite at Brian's Mobius show in June, be sure to check these out at our booth. I'm looking at one right now and photos don't do these guys justice.

(But here's one [of the original colorway] anyway.)

Also, be sure to check out Scott Tolleson's booth at VTN. He'll be showing new paint samples of Doc von Block, who debuted at SDCC earlier this year in a limited edition of 25. These are awesome, so go take a look!

I'll be posting more photos of Doc soon.

This comes to you first from our Pretty in Plastic newsletter, so be sure to join our mailing list.

Also check out more VTN exclusives here.

Evil Poopicorn - Dropping soon!

Evil Poopicorn - Amanda Visell - Artwork

Happy news! Evil Poopicorn is coming!

(And just in time for me to blow my Christmas shopping money on myself.)

Amanda Visell's blog

Melvin - Cameron Tiede's Melvin Released!

Melvin - Cameron Tiede - and all it entails

Melvin is here! The official release is tomorrow, but Cameron Tiede's email subscribers get a head start at the official site.

There are only 20, so act fast!

$199 gets you the original red colorway, hand signed and numbered on the back, as well as a limited edition mini print and a sticker. Also, a random winner gets the original painting!

In case the excitement disorients you, here it is again:

Melvin - Cameron Tiede's Melvin Release Date!

Cameron Tiede's Melvin in red colorway drops November 11!

Red Melvin is limited to 20 pieces and will come with a bonus item. Join Cameron's mailing list for updated info: c@camerontiede.com

more info Vinyl Pulse

Melvin's infancy at the Pretty in Plastic studio:
Melvin - Cameron Tiede

In which I join a gajillion other bloggers in breathing a huge sigh of relief

Hey, remember these?

Bush buttplugs sculpted and cast by Julie B

Soon, they'll just be funny and not funny-tinged-with-the-sad-knowledge-that-he's-STILL-our-president. Huzzah!

Obama may not be as good fodder for buttplugs as his soon-to-be predecessor, but there are already all kinds of Obama action figures (ranging from ultra-cheeze to Suckadelic) AND even an Obama "pleasure toy."

Get with it and make your own paper Obama toy! Check out:


In other good news...
We've been working on a lot of great new toys, so stay tuned!

Rainbowasaurus - Bwana Spoon's "Hunt and Gather" Show

Bwana Spoons' "Hunt and Gather" show at Artoyz in Paris runs September 25 to November 2. Among the artwork and toys showing is a Rainbowasaurus, sculpted by Pretty in Plastic and looking awesome.

More show pics at Artoyz's Flickr or at BFLV's Flickr

Here's what Mr. Spoons had to say about the new toy:

Bwana Spoons

Accidental Mishap - Travis Lampe's "Lumber Smack" Show

Accidental Mishap - Travis Lampe

Gallery 1988, Travis Lampe and Pretty In Plastic present
...limited to an edition of 50 sculpted, hand cast and painted couture toys...

Accidental Mishap - Travis Lampe

Accidental Mishap - Travis Lampe

Accidental Mishap - Travis Lampe Accidental Mishap - Travis Lampe

Accidental Mishap - Travis Lampe

check out more on Vinyl Pulse (rad video!)

7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Edsel Livermoor - Zoso's "No Rest for the Weary" Show

Edsel Livermoor - Zoso - Munky King

Limited to five, these are on display August 28 at Munky King.
Edsel Livermoor sculpted by Zoso and cast at Pretty In Plastic.

more info from Toy Cyte...

Doc Von Block - Comic Con Debut

Doc Von Block and his assistant beaker, Ivan, debut at Comic-Con this year. Here are more pictures showing the process...

Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson
Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson
Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson

Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson
Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson
Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson

Doc Von Block - Scott Tolleson

To purchase, EMAIL

Wack & Blite - Paint Samples Debut

Wack & Blite

Brian Castleforte and Pretty In Plastic debuted paint samples of Wack and Blite at Mobius Gallery. These are the first paint samples of the resin sculpts of his vinyl Tribalnots.

King Wack and Blite are from Brian's new series of characters called the TRIBALNOTS.

Wack and Blite - Brian Castleforte

Wack and Blite - Brian Castleforte

A custom "RED/GOLD" version was raffled off, and all proceeds went to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and AASK (Aid to Adoption of Special Kids).

Visit NiceBunny's blog for more info about the show and the TRIBALNOTS.

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from design...sculpt...prototype...limited art runs...to manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.

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