Neon Monster and Pretty In Plastic at Art Basel Miami

Pretty In Plastic worked with Neon Monster to help create their installation for Art Basel Miami. We brought the Neon Monster mascot to life. His name is Monster Mitch. He is over 5' tall with a sturdy plastic shell. His one eye is strangely life-like and glows pink. Below are more images of the installation.  ... and even more to come....

We also created two semi-translucent glowing tree stumps. Sculpted and hand cast right here in L.A.. Each Stump is 4' in diameter and approx. 18" in height. Lit with LED lights they create a very surreal environment. They can function as installation pieces or coffee tables. The stumps and snails are available through Neon Monster.

We also sculpted and hand cast an edition of 25 larger than life, super glossy, and liquid-like snails. They are 12" in length and when lit from behind or underneath, they glow in vibrant neon candy colors.

Neon Monster put together an amazing installation and we are excited to hear how the opening party went tonight! I bet things are wrapping up right now... maybe not ;)
                                                                                 -Julie B.

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Miami Design District presents Limited Edition Experiences and Gucci Flash Sneaker Store during Design Miami

Pretty In Plastic is honored to have worked with Neon Monster on their impressive installation for the Limited Edition Experience for Design Miami... More information and images to follow....

Clips from Premier Guide Miami - 

Pretty In Plastic at D-Con

-Brian Castleforte

New.......WACK..... Out of the Box
Artist - Brian Castleforte

For Sale now!


Jenny the Teenage Robot for Nickelodeon

Unearthed Treasure -  Wack for Red Hot Robot Resin Show!

Kozyndan's Uprising for Munky King - Released

Uprising - Turn arounds

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Uprising - Close Ups

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Uprising - Painting

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Uprising - Sculpt

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Uprising - Artwork and Sculpt

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Uprising - Sculpt Beginning - With Bunnies

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Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.

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