VTN... Whew!

What with finals, VTN and Gallery 1988 craziness (where I lackey it up), the past week has just about killed me. But I have dragged myself out of the grave just for you...

It was awesome seeing everybody out at VTN this past weekend! Pretty in Plastic had a sweet booth near the entrance, showing Monty's Mad Puss and Nicebunny's Wack toys in NEON!! (Somehow, the word neon seems to require caps and exclamation points.) And Scott Tolleson showed off Pretty in Plastic paint samples of Doc Von Block at his booth.

I thought Super7's Bemon was awesome but ended up getting some minis instead, agonized over whether to buy all the Treesons I could find, picked up some prints and even won a print in Spanky Stokes's raffle (yay free stuff). There was a lot of great toys (if only I could have them all...) but I forgot to grab some zombies. Arghh.

So since sleep deprivation may make my writing a bit slurry, I'll let pictures and others do the rest for me:

At the Pretty in Plastic booth...
VTN - Pretty in Plastic @ VTN
Julie B (the force behind Pretty in Plastic)

Mad Puss - Monty - VTN 08
Mad Puss got a lot of interest. Monty had prototypes on display with the release coming next year. He also had some prints (more on those later) and an animation which you can watch at Mad Puss's site here.
Monty's MAD PUSS @ ToyCyte

Wack and Blite - Brian Castleforte - Neon Wack
Wack in NEON!! What more is there to say?
More info and to buy (only 4 left!) @ Nicebunny

Doc Von Block @ ToyCyte.
(Thank you Jeremy Brautman and ToyCyte for not subjecting these poor fools to more of my tired rambling...)

Evil Poopicorn was also released at the VTN after party/Switcheroo open house...
Vinyl Pulse has pics. (Check out the poopy fare!)

And before I go, Pretty in Plastic open studio Thursday 6-9pm in the Spring Arts Tower! Be there!
453 S Spring Suite 1012, Los Angeles 90013
at 5th & Spring

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from design...sculpt...prototype...limited art runs...to manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.