Yoskay Yamamoto – Le Basse Projects - Pretty In Plastic

Above is an image of the 8lb. full Metal Head!

Our latest creation with Le Basse Projects and Yoskay.

From Vinyl Pulse

"For his Familiar Strangers show opening on Saturday June 12th 2010 @ Lebasse Projects, Yoskay Yamamoto is releasing his ’Do You Remember Me?’ (5.5” h, 5” w) wall-mounted sculptures.  This homage to Asian pop culture will be available in two-editions – a black resin edition (100 pcs, $150) and a polished metal edition (10 pcs, $900).   If you’ve been looking for a higher-end Yoskay Yamamoto 3D piece, this fits the need nicely.
The black resin pieces will debut at the show opening on Saturday.  For out of town collectors, 25 pieces will be available for online sales on Monday, June 15th
LeBasse Projects
6023 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

In Gloss Black...  (thanks Buff ... for the great shots!!!)

Photos from the opening...

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