Analog Playset Custom Show + Auction (9.18) - Opening Pictures

We were happy to work with Tony to create these robots for his custom show! Excited for more from Analog Playset...from ...

Seen: Analog Playset Custom Show

On Saturday evening (9.18), new toy brand Analog Playset presented a one-night custom show @ the new Atticus shop on Melrose featuring a new resin robo created for the event. Curator Tony Thaxton, founder of Analog Playset and drummer of Motion City Soundtrack, invited several musicians as well as several artists including Joe Ledbetter, Dan Goodsell, and Alex Pardee to bring their talents to the robot resins which will soon be auctioned on eBay for charity. Details to come.

Joe Ledbetter

Alex Pardee

Dan Goodsell

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