(World  7.21.11) – Announcing Cherry Vinyl – Delicious Art Toys

Cherry Vinyl is comprised of a small team of international dreamers with a huge passion for art, fun and all things awesome.  Our roots and resources span the globe: from the beaches of LA, through the sunny Sonoran Desert of Arizona, over to the busy streets of the Big Apple, across the oceans to Europe and landing in the heart of Japan.  By combining our existing strengths in artist outreach, sculpting, design, the highly detailed Japanese manufacturing & painting processes, creative and passionate marketing, and close customer contact, Pretty in Plastic & Lulubell Toys join forces to form “Cherry Vinyl”, an innovative joint creative entity with a focus on artist designed vinyl in a sofubi medium.  We intend to take all the best ingredients that exist in the vinyl world today, add a big scoop of innovation, stir in a ton of whimsy and fun, and what we will hand back to the vinyl community will be decadent creations for them to sink their teeth into, savor, and most of all enjoy! 

Have you ever had an awesome sundae that was full of a million different flavors? We are that delectable, fun, nostalgic treat, and far less fattening. Most people reach for the cherry on top first, because it's so unique, colorful, special & yummy. An amazing entry into something wonderful, Cherry Vinyl intends to leave you savoring your goodies and craving another serving!  We pick just the best ingredients from the most amazing artists. Lovingly, we carry each idea from image to form and serve it up to you, our discerning gourmands. Our goal is sweet and simple, make fun and get it to the masses. And know that each and every little treat we make for you, we hand craft our wears utilizing old techniques, modern equipment, blood, sweat, joy and a liberal splash of love.

Looks for some sweet bits from artists like Nathan Jurevicius (, Clutter/Pete Fowler ( Becky & Frank (,  and many, many more!!!  Stop by the DKE Booth # 4728 at San Diego Comic Con to view the prototype version of CV's first release to be, Le Chat designed by the amazing Dutch artist, Femke (, along with a prototype of Nathan Jurevicius’s Owl series and sneak peak at the sculpt of “Egglue the Giraffe” for Tiny Kitten Teeth!  The first version of Le Chat will drop early this Fall via Lulubell Toys, and other fine vinyl retailers.

Lulubell Toy Bodega, through years of hard work, passion and devotion to all things vinyl has become a leading international retail outlet & production company specializing in pushing the limits in vinyl while maintaining quality, artist integrity, and consumer interest.  They have become synonymous with providing a wide variety of brands from the mainstream to obscure,  while keeping the pulse on up-and-coming  artists to share with our customers.  They pride themselves in their high level of service, close relationships with customers and artists alike, creative marketing strategies, and consumer education designed to excite and inspire.  It is their goal to expand the vinyl art form, grow the market, & promote the talent of special artists like through this passion and creative process. (

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is synonymous with Toy Couture, and has been a leading expert in the world of designer toy creation for over five years. They fill a specialized need in the market from design, sculpt to production, including prototypes, limited editions, larger scale art pieces and installations, with the highest quality and pride themselves on keeping their products USA made. As experts in their field, they have developed unique techniques in their processes using the latest and greatest equipment, materials, and finishes, including the incorporation of recycled materials and continue to pursue new forms. Working very closely with established artists and clients, they truly capture their unique aesthetic and provide top-notch service, and highest caliber sculpting and art production. There are no limits to what can be made and they keep pushing forward with quality, creativity, and innovation.  Pretty in Plastic is entrenched in the Southern California art culture and is adding additional offices in NYC, and their clients are vast in scope as well as local. (


Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.