The Porthole Project: Odd Aquatic

CA Myers and Pretty In Plastic by Julie B.

The ocean is home to some of Earth’s most bizarre creatures; both terrifying and fascinating. For this project we have set out to visually explore what exactly is so interesting about aquatic animals. In doing so we discovered they were so much more than simply fascinating; they were out of this world! Capturing images was less like going underwater to see the unknown and more like being enveloped by a black hole only to be spit out into a world governed by slippery space creatures.

Porthole windows are a reminder to us of how dangerous the world can be no matter how delicate it looks while floating by. On a submarine they are a limited but important view for the ship’s occupants. Making them a symbol of how critical observing the outside world can be. No matter the situation, on land or in water; in nature or in our heads – we must always keep an eye on the world around us.

Even if it’s just through a porthole.

-Crystal Myers
Crystal Myers Photography

... a glimpse into the underwater world around us... which makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface and is vital to our existance... enjoy :)

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