XVALA - "Slammed and Dunked"

We're stoked to share that we recently collaborated with the artist, XVALA, to help create a resin sculpture based on a deflated basketball that XVALA pulled from Kim Kardashian's garbage. The sculpture, Slammed and Dunked, was shown at the XVALA x Fear Google presents The Kim Kardashian Party art event curated by The Site Unscene!! Check them out...they work with some amazing artists!

The Slammed and Dunked sculpture was formed out of a ‘recycled resin’
created from excess Kim Kardashian garbage from the same bin!

XVALA said in a press release, "You can always learn something about someone by looking at their garbage, and Kim produces a lot of garbage."

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Slammed and Dunked from The Site Unscene on Vimeo.
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