SDCC Exclusive!!! "Bones" by Mike Egan

The great and powerful DKE Toys will be releasing artist Mike Egan's "Bones" exclusively at San Diego Comic Con.  This is Egan's first toy and this edition will be limited to 80 pieces at $45 each, however it seems the future may present us with more than one colorway.  You'll find this little guy exclusively at the DKE booth -  #4728.  "Bones" is 8" tall, crafted from japan-made vinyl, and hand painted/manufactured by Luke Rook, Lullubell, & Grody Shogun.  Not to mention sculpted by Pretty In Plastic! 

We really had a lot of fun working with this little skeleton and in doing so were also inspired by Egan's work.  He is a Pittsburgh based artist and "has spent time working as an embalmer in funeral homes", which has influenced the art  that he now creates!  Pretty interesting & to learn more about Egan - check out his blog.

And to see more behind the scenes pics click here!

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