SOUTHERN WILDERNESS by gary fernandez

Presenting Gary Fernandez and his first Australian solo exhibition! 

The show will feature his new body of work which consists of sculptures, screen prints, and giclee prints.  The sculptures were created by Pretty In Plastic.  If you find yourself in Perth or Sydney we insist you stop by the Friends of Leon Gallery to check out the show!

A lil' bit of info on the show:

"Southern Wilderness is an imaginary journey through a magical, whimsical and surreal American South.
It's the place where the unreal crosses the thin line and merges with the real; where Brown Thrashers, squirrels
and rabbits dwell with fantastic fauna, five-legged beasts and witches in foggy forests filled with old trees that
whisper and stir in the night. It is there that the son of the rabbit and squirrel becomes a Contortionist, and where
bees tear the wings from butterflies, trying to steal their beauty and where birds fight to the death"

Thursday 6th SEPTEMBER 2012 (Curated by Leon Krasenstein)
At 140 (140 William Street Perth)
Perth, Australia

Thursday 20th SEPTEMBER 2012
Friends of Leon Gallery
82 Marlborough Street Surry Hills 2010
Sydney, Australia

...and Gary stopped by the Pretty In Plastic Workshop on his way to Australian to hand pick-up his pieces! We had a great visit. Many new and amazing projects to follow:)

Behind the scenes pics to follow...
Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.