SDCC Round-up!

SDCC Round-up!

With San Diego Comic Con 2013 kicking off, it's been a big week for us over here at Pretty in Plastic and for the artists we work with! Whether you're currently at the con or keeping an eye on the ongoings from home, let's go over what collaborations and sculpts by Pretty in Plastic you'll see at SDCC this year!

Photo Credit: Mr. Toast

These Shaky Bacon's are a collaboration between Dan Goodsell of Mr. Toast and Pretty in Plastic. These limited edition hand-painted bacons are available at Mr. Toast's booth stall 5250 for $45 a slice. Get them while they sizzle!

Photo Credit: Munky King

Next up is Mr. Pumfrey and his Astounding Mechanised Perambulator, a collaboration between Doktor A, Munky King, Dave Pressler, and Pretty in Plastic. These eight inch tall creatures based off Doktor A character were sculpted by Dave Pressler and Pretty in Plastic and produced by Munky King. Mr. Pumfrey is limited to an edition of 100 and  is available for $130 (tax included) at the Munky King booth, stall #4851. Don't let these perambulate away...

These delightful "Egglue the Giraffes" are the brainchild of Frank and Becky of Tiny Kitten Teeth and were created by us folks here at Pretty in Plastic. They come in four color-ways: sherbet, spearmint, banana bean, and the multi-mix parfait (not shown) - each one is unique! They're up for adoption at the Gallery Nucleus booth, stall #2734, where Frank and Becky will be representing for the whole convention!

Last, but certainly not least, is "Lucky" the devil, a Mike Egan character brought to you by DKE Toys. "Lucky", sculpted by Pretty in Plastic and cast out of beautiful Japanese vinyl by Luke Rook, is Egan's second toy debut at SDCC in a row. These eight inch tall devils are available at the DKE Toys booth at stall #5045 for $60 a pop. They are limited to an edition of 100 for both orange and black color-ways, so make sure you stop by early!

Well, there we have it. We loved having the privilege of working with all of these amazing artists, and hope that you enjoy the fruit of our labors, whether you're currently at SDCC or at home. Julie B. will be at SDCC all weekend taking photos for our instagram, so keep an eye out for her at the con and make sure to stay tuned to our feed!

Have a great con!
xoxo Pretty in Plastic

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.

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