Tracy Tubera x Dr. Pepper

source: Vinyl Pulse

The folks behind Dr. Pepper have presented a unique challenge to a collection of eight of the best creatives in the game. Designers from fields such as clothing design, music, and skateboarding were presented with the task of creating a one of a kind collaboration based off of the Dr. Pepper can.

source: Vinyl Pulse

One of these competitors was Graphic Artist Tracy Tubera, who's design is shown above. Tubera first designed a sketch of his character, which was then turned into a 3d model, and lastly turned into a one-of-a-kind resin figure, with the help of Pretty In Plastic.

Pretty in Plastic's process shots

The best part about this collaboration is that Tracy Tubera's character is available for you to win! For more information on the giveaway, click here.

Source: Vinyl Pulse
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