Brian McCarty's War Toys Release - Special Collab!!!

Pretty in Plastic is thrilled to announce the release of Brian McCarty's War-Toys: Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip. McCarty's book features over 75 stunning photographs and illustrations of accounts of war recreated with children's toys. It also includes an introduction in English, Arabic, and Hebrew, as well as essays by renowned expressive therapy experts Dr. Judith Rubin and Dr. Julia Byers, and a narrative account of the production of the series.

source: Brian McCarty
source: Brian McCarty
Pretty in Plastic has collaborated with McCarty to offer a special limited edition of his book that includes a expertly modeled recreation of the original war-toy soldier, cast by Pretty in Plastic. To learn more about McCarty's fascinating project and to purchase your own limited edition copy, check out the War-Toy blog and store.

The original war-toy figure alongside Pretty in Plastic's metal recreation

All photos courtesy of Brian McCarty
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