Art Basel 2013 Wrapup

I am sure you all know about Art Basel Miami Beach took place this past weekend from December 5th - 8th. With over 250 galleries, 50,000 visitors, and amazing weather - it's no wonder why this event has become the premier destination for art lovers. Instagram was flooded with pics of artwork, installations, and parties.

Julie B roamed the streets of Miami discovering the best that Art Basel had to offer and here are our official picks:

FriendsWithYou installation at the Mandarin was amazing - especially with the pimped out ice cream truck

Jona Cerwinske live painting a car 

Amazing Animals by Enrique Gomez

Chocolates by Peter Anton

Sculptures by Patricia Piccinini

Easter Egg by Jeff Koons

A nice little Banksy spoof...

More Highlights...

Benjamin Alejandro...

Desire Obtain Cherish...

Rabi from Cyrcle and Desire Obtain Cherish

Thanks Miami:)

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