FriendsWithYou: Inner Vision In Between @ MCLEMOI Gallery (2.16)

Pretty In Plastic loves a challenge, and we were absolutely thrilled to help FriendsWithYou create these pieces for their exhibit at MCLEMOI Gallery in Australia. From their website:
MCLEMOI Gallery and FWY are pleased to announce “Inner Vision in Between”, the exhibition of FriendsWithYou’s first Australia solo show, opening in Sydney on February 16th. This exhibition is a reflection of a journey from one chapter to another. Sam and Tury jump into a vortex of the unknown, further highlighting the true mission of creation with the embodiment of the living amulet. Animism plays a large role, as FriendsWithYou continues to explore artifacts of the archetype; minimal, peaceful, stoic, and sometimes foreboding. FriendsWithYou’s works for this exhibition span the spiritual gamut from play to ritual.
Running February 16th until March 30th, 2013
45 Chippen St., Chippendale NSW
2008 Australia
P: +61 (0) 296 988 177

“Psychic Stone, Everything Spell" Unique Multiple, Clear High Gloss Acrylic, 2013

“Psychic Stone, Money Spell" Unique Multiple, Clear High Gloss Acrylic, 2013

“Cloud Heart" Unique Multiple, Vacuum Formed Acrylic, 2013

“Night Vision" Unique Multiple, Acrylic, 2013

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