Gallery Shout-out - Cat Art Show Los Angeles

"Love and Allergies" by Luke Chueh

Admission is free!!!  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the show, well then there’s no time like the present!

Specifically this Saturday: Feb 1st, 2014, our good friend and collaborator, Luke Chueh will be signing limited edition 7 color silk screen prints of his Cat Art Show Los Angeles piece, "Love and Allergies."

The signing starts at 2:00 pm.  And even more good news, you don't have to live in LA to buy them - you can email the Cat Art Show LA to place an order.

Artist Shepard Fairey, his wife Amanda, and artist Heather Mattoon at the opening night reception.  "Radical Cat" by Shepard Fairey.  Images courtesy of Cat Art Show Los Angeles
The show also includes over 70 other artists, some of whom are Tracey Emin, Gary Baseman, FAILE, Shepard Fairey and Ray Caesar.  Purrrrty great lineup if you ask me!

"Morris The Cat" by Jill Greenberg Studio and The Cat Art Show LA Gallery.  Images courtesy of Cat Art Show LA

“All in all, art featured in Cat Art Show Los Angeles is a contemporary examination of the psychology, inspiration, and physical impact of cats in our lives.”  -

Katherine Streeter // Cat Art Show LA



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