Evil Poopicorn - Evil Poopicorn Dropping at VTN After-party

Evil Poopicorn - Amanda Visell - flyer

VTN is going to be superb this time around, and the fun don't stop there. Saturday, December 6, Switcheroo will be hosting the VTN after-party at their private workshop. Amanda Visell's Evil Poopicorn will be released (yay!) in an edition of 25, and Michelle Valigura will release plush toy Brass Knuckle Bob.

Wait, there's more. Vinyl Pulse reports that there will be free drinks and a few surprises to expect. Now this is one more thing to be thankful for...

(Happy Thanksgiving!)

Evil Poopicorn - Amanda Visell - flyer back

Evil Poopicorn - Amanda Visell - Switcheroo workshop
Amanda at the Switcheroo workshop with Apocalyptic Ephunts and Evil Poopicorns

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