VTN News!

VTN is coming up in less than a month and I am super excited!! VTN is Vinyl Toy Network and will be taking place December 6-7 at the Pasadena Convention Center. We'll have a booth with some exclusive guests--Brian Castleforte a.k.a NiceBunny's Wack & Blite toys in a special colorway. We'll have six for sale, and they come with a print and special packaging, too.

And for those who didn't see Wack & Blite at Brian's Mobius show in June, be sure to check these out at our booth. I'm looking at one right now and photos don't do these guys justice.

(But here's one [of the original colorway] anyway.)

Also, be sure to check out Scott Tolleson's booth at VTN. He'll be showing new paint samples of Doc von Block, who debuted at SDCC earlier this year in a limited edition of 25. These are awesome, so go take a look!

I'll be posting more photos of Doc soon.

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Also check out more VTN exclusives here.

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