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No sleep till..... NYCC

It is with pleasure and pride that I introduce to you our amazing crew here at the Pretty In Plastic factory of Awesome! We have a great and talented team here and are happy to debut a variety of their own creations at NYCC and more at D-Con! We have been taking time out of every week (more like - working overtime) to work on these amazing creations... and we hope to continue this. So without further adieu... I present to you...

Enjoy! Yours truly, Julie B.

KATE CHILKO - Danceurs Illogiques

Kate Chilko is a Brooklyn based life-form who heartily struggles with
the task of writing brief biographical summations. Born in West
Virginia, she studied Creative Writing while nestled in the lukewarm
bosom of Sarah Lawrence College. She is one of an unknown number of
persons who accidentally cultivated a career in the visual arts by
failing at a career in writing. Working in the commercial toy world
for more than eight years, she's had her hands on all the big names in
the pre-school crowd: Spongebob, Spiderman, Ernie and Bert and the
incomparable Dora the Explorer.
For the past two years she has worked on a wide variety of creative
pursuits as a painter, sculptor and designer. On more than one
occasion, she helped produce garbage cans for the King of Saudi
In the fall of 2011, she will dip her first toe into the designer toy
pond, and with great anticipation will watch for any perceptible

Each piece is meticulously hand painted and comes with a beautiful collectors case and signed print. NYCC edition is limited to 8 pieces - 110/each

Stay tuned for more from KATE CHILKO!


"トケルウサギ "  (tokeru-usagi)

CHIE(pronunciation is "chee-a") was reared in Tokyo, Japan.

She holds a masters degree in sculpture from Tokyo University of the Arts.

After graduating Chie worked in the product industry in Tokyo

over 6 years as a 3D modeling and 3D scanning artist.

This professional experience, creating actual three-dimensional

models from 3D software, has influenced her current work

where she creates sculpture, not only by hand, but with

computer 3D software.

She is based on Los Angeles.

This is the first toy which is designed and modeled by her in USA.

This toy called "トケルウサギ" means melting rabbit.

This "Melting" series express what changes happen when

melting a shape = could equal a body/mind transformation.

Avail. at booth 589 - 40/each
NYCC edition is limited to 6 pieces of each color - white and mint

"トケルウサギ "  (tokeru-usagi)

Comes with it's own custom Carry tote!

CARRIE KRUGER - Deep Sea Creep

Carrie Kruger has a Fine Arts in Design degree and
recently moved from Lawrence, Kansas to Los Angeles, California.
She hopes to artistically figure herself out in this new life venue.
Carrie Kruger thought herself a space alien until the age of 10
and since then has been searching for answers.

"I am just trying to make sense of this world."

I cherish every encounter, everything i step in,
everything i dream about.

To me; it is all I have that makes
me physically here on this planet.
The things i tend to construct are
conglomerates of things i encounter,
step in and dream about.

She lived in the deep
Like some sorta creep
You may think "Oh me...Oh my!"
But she was just trying to say "Hi."

"Its hard to make a friend
when your smile looks like the end."

Deep Sea Creep is delicately custom made with controllable LED lighting and comes in a beautiful glass bowl.

Avail. for pre-orders - 95/each

ELLIOT JACKSON - Knuckle Biters

Elliot is an LA based fine artist and has made pieces for Kanye West and Jeff Koons, to name a few. He is hitting the art toy scene with flying colors and we are honored to be working with him.

Elliot Jackson is an in-house sculptor/designer at Pretty In Plastic. He resides in Los Angeles by way of Minnesota. He is presenting a ring series which are sculpted by him and hand cast in small batches.


More pictures and NYCC updates coming...

Thank You :)

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.