AKIS by Nathan Jurevicus x CHERRY VINYL - online release

The remaining master series resin's, AKIS, from Nathan Jurevicius x Cherry Vinyl will be sold today online at Lulubell Toys. The master series resins are a one-time resin release made from the actual prototype masters used to produce the vinyl figures, which were sculpted by the the talented Julie B. of Pretty in Plastic/Cherry Vinyl! Available 11/18 at Noon Pacific. Each AKIS is packed in a hand painted wood box with wax Cherry Vinyl stamps. Amazing uber-limited piece for the Nathan J. & owl lovers! $150 shipped in the US


AKIS - (means 'eyes' in Lithuanian)

--Nathan Jurevicius has worked as a freelance illustrator and artist for many international companies and publications.

His most acclaimed project to date is Scarygirl. The brand since its creation in 2001 has developed an underground following of fans throughout the globe through it's online comic, numerous limited edition vinyl toys, designer products and travelling shows.

In 2004 Oscar winning producer Sophie Byrne of Passion Pictures Australia optioned Scarygirl . The property is now in active script and visual development for an animated feature film. Nathan also completed his first graphic novel based on Scarygirl released by Australia's leading Independent publisher, Allen and Unwin and distributed in North America by Last Gasp. The graphic novel has since garnered various accolades including winning the 2009 Aurealis Award for Best Illustrated Book/Graphic Novel.

In 2009 Nathan released the Scarygirl online game produced with Passion Pictures Australia and developed with the assistance of the Film Victoria Digital Media Fund. Players have surpassed 1 million.

Nathan is currently developing a series of tv shorts and a game based on his new property 'Peleda' with the ABC.


Upcoming nathan j info etc...

- Currently in production on a new Xbox live/PSN Scarygirl game to be launched early 2012.
- Developing a series of tv shorts/game based on his Peleda owls (AKIS will appear in the game).
- Currently working on part 2 of Scarygirl graphic novel to be launched late 2012
- Vannen watch to be launched late 2011

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