Pretty In Plastic - CHERRY VINYL - and LULUBELL TOYS at D-CON

GOODIES... GAMES AND Give-aways!!!!

Hello everyone! We are excited to see you another year in sunny Pasadena, CA for Designer Con! Designer Con is this Saturday, November 5th from 10-5pm at the Pasadena Convention Center.! Grab your tickets online here for just $5, or $7 at the door. (Admission is FREE after 3pm, but the early birds get the good stuff!)

Again, we will be cramming so much good stuff into the Pretty In Plastic x Cherry Vinyl x Lulubell Toys booth (booth 234, right next to the event stage in back)! Here's a list of some of our offerings & exclusives:

Pretty in Plastic will be bringin' amazing goodies from master sculptor Julie B. & her team! Not only is Julie B. the sculptor behind all Cherry Vinyl goodness, but she's the silent, unsung hero behind many of the designer toys you probably already have in your collection!

Pretty In Plastic will be showcasing a surprise from Steve Talkowski - aka SKETCHBOT (avail. at Booth 434), Prototypes from CAM DeLeon, Knuckle Biters for purchase from Elliot Jackson, and beautiful pieces from CHIE, Carrie Kruger, Kate Chilko...and more...

Plus...get your picture taken with the HUGE GRENADE BUNNY by Pretty In Plastic x Lucky Bunny x Hold Up Art!

Cherry Vinyl makes it's first West Coast convention debut, and will have Nathan Jurevicius' master series resin AKIS owl up for grabs in GOLD. These hand made resins come in a beautiful wood box, and each master series is only made once as the first release from Cherry Vinyl. Limited edition of 6, AKIS will be available at 10am for $140! We also have CV's first vinyl piece, Le Chat, from Holland artist Femke Hiemstra. We will also be showcasing prototypes in the works for release in late 2011/early 2012, and will be holding a raffle at our booth for Le Chat MASTER Edition. Be sure to stop by & meet the Cherry Vinyl team and see what exciting things we have in store for the toy world in the near future.

For Lulubell, of course we are bringing the Grody! Grody Shogun has been creating away, and we'll have a new painted Yokai-armed Monster (SK arms, Monster Head, Oji Body) $30, painted Mr. Squiggle Arms (Monster Body, Oji Head, Oji arms), Blank Monsters (black & pink) $25, unpainted Monstergools (Monster head, Paul Kaiju, seagool body - pink/black) $35 and Siccaluna x Grody Shogun painted Usagi (bunnies) $10! All Grody Shogun pieces will be available at 10am, one per person/per sculpt! If there are any remaining stock after 2pm, Grody fans can lay their hands on more if desired!

Also from Lulubell, we will have a D-Con exclusive colorway of Velocitron Ghouls, Throne of Skulls & more. You'll also find goodies from Real x Head, Goccodo, Refreshment, Amarpo, Uamou, Barapro & a new Japanese maker, Fuai Shokai!!


;) xoxo
Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.