Sea Jellies

spring cleaning this week...we are finally getting around to sorting through our shoe boxes of photos... 1500+ is one of our favorites.

more treats to come ;)                                          
xo pretty in plastic!

Sea Jellies Photo-shoot - Pretty In Plastic with AntiFame & Photography by Ruben Diaz:

Boy do we love Jellyfish!  We love both the real-life jellyfish seen at the aquarium, and the fabricated jellyfish that we created in 2011 as part of a project with the Disney movie Oceans.  

And did you know that "the jellyfish is one of the oldest living creatures in the world. Jellyfish have existed on the face of this planet for over 650 million years. They have existed since before the dinosaurs and have survived long after the dinosaurs and [all the while] millions of other species have gone extinct."

It's kind of insane to think about how long jellyfish have been inhabiting the ocean, and even weirder to think that they remain so simple yet are so intricate!  Of course their survival has been hugely dependent on their amazing and poisonous tentacles.  "This defense mechanism is the primary reason for the distinct lack of jellyfish predators. Few marine creatures can escape the reach of the tentacles and even fewer can withstand the fiery venom in the tentacles of the jellyfish. There are however some animals who do prey on jellyfish. Some of the most common and important jellyfish predators include tuna, shark, [and] swordfish".

I suppose it should also be noted that people can fall prey to the agonizing sting of the jellyfish; if you admit having been a victim of the jellyfish's "defense mechanism", you probably are not such a huge fan.  With that being said, be careful out there, it's a dang dangerous planet!

Each of our jellyfish are more than five feet in length!

Our jellies are made from a mix of materials including:  resin and %60 recycled plastic regrind from water bottles!
What's great about our jellies is that they will last a lifetime, whereas sea jellies only live two to six months

Jellyfish By Pretty In Plastic
In Collaboration with AntiFame and Photography by Ruben Diaz -
Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.