Movie Teaser: The Little Prince

Hidden adventures in this planetary usb star!

We recently created some planets, with glowing usb flash drive stars found on the inside, for the movie The Little Prince which is currently in pre-production.  The movie is "based on the classic children's novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and it tells the story of a pilot who crashes in the Sahara desert (as de Saint-Exupéry was and did in real life) and who meets a young Prince, who lives on an asteroid called B-612. The Prince is currently on Earth as part of a journey to travel the universe, meeting adults on different planets and hearing their stories.  [The story] is famous for its deeply philosophical narrative and, since 1943, has become one of the best-selling books of all time."  

"Planned for adaptation as a 3D animated film, "The Little Prince" is targeting a 2014 release."  -  

Even better, the very talented Mark Osborne, has been hired to direct this magical movie!  In 2008 Osborne was nominated for an Academy Award for the blockbuster animated feature Kung Fu Panda!  Hiiiii Yaaaa!!!  We loved working with him on this project and are looking forward to experiencing The Little Prince in 3D awesomeness!

Needless to say we have some pretty big expectations for this little prince!

View more process pics here!  .... (unfortunately, not for purchase)

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