Blow, Pop, Miami!

We've been working with artist Desire Obtain Cherish for some time now, and we could not be more stoked for his success!  Recently the art we helped create with him was on display in Miami and Palm Beach, Florida, and we aren't the only ones who have great things to say:

"Consider Desire Obtain Cherish. His body of work epitomizes the spirit of Street Art.  His work explodes with subversive energy, dark humor, and a tenacious social conscience. Street Art personified. But these are also works of exquisite detail that reward observation."

"Take a close look at “Strawberry Blow Pop,” now on display at Lab Art’s new gallery [as well as Unix Fine Art in Miami] in the lobby of the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. The red surface of the sculpture has the unmistakable glisten of a candy shell, which melts seamlessly into the saccharine puddle that forms the sculpture’s base.  It is both playful and precise, comic and beautiful, the product of a street artist in the studio. Desire Obtain Cherish elevates something as simple as a blow pop to the level of art, and encourages us to take pleasure in it, while at the same time hinting at how temporary such pleasure can be."  -

And here's some of the work we helped manufacture that was featured in the show:

Blue Ice Meltdown Blowpop Sculpture & Pink Champagne Meltdown Blowpop Sculpture, both manufactured at the Pretty In Plastic Studio.

Although it's made of plastic, creating the Hersey's Cross - Dark Chocolate gave us some serious coco cravings!

More pics!!!  All sculptures fabricated by Pretty In Plastic:

"Hersey's Cross, "Soldier", & "All The Good Ones Are Gay"
Nails - "OMG, I Caught My Boyfriend Wearing My Underwear Again"
"Pills", & "18k Gold Blowpop"

To see the rest of the behind the scenes pics check out each piece here - they all have their own unique process story!

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.