Mark Ryden’s YHWH Group Custom Show feat. Julie B!

Come on down to the Toy Art Gallery on Melrose this Saturday night for Mark Ryden’s YHWH Group Custom Show. You can check out a number of amazing reinterpretations of YHWH by a score of talented artists, including our very own Julie B!

Julie B's YHWH reinterpretation

From Ryden: “YHWH is the unpronounceable name of god. My YHWH represents the indefinable nature of the divine and its unspeakable mystery, which can be represented by anything from a burning bush to a three eyed bunny totem. In creating my YHWH toy edition, I stove to elevate each and every individual figure from a mass produced piece of plastic to a magical object. I very much look forward to seeing how each artist responds to the spiritual energies of their YHWHs.”

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Source: Vinyl Pulse

Pretty In Plastic Inc. is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are toy couture and do everything from art manufacturing...from small scale to large! -Julie B.