Today, Pretty In Plastic will like to introduce you to our friend...the ridiculously talented sculptor Juan Balandran, aka Red Rooster.

Red Rooster is a Los Angeles based sculptor, who is known for his bronze sculptures inspired by German Expressionism and Film Noir. He is currently working on designing a sculpture of Alvaro Martin for the Fallas Festival, which is held in Valencia, Spain, every March (You can learn more about this event in his video). Red Rooster plans to travel to Valencia for 3 months to work on his project, and he needs your support!

Rooster is offering various incentives for the campaign, such as original artwork (some of it exclusive to the campaign!) and personal classes!

You can learn more about Red Rooster’s campaign and contribute on his indiegogo page.

To learn more about Juan Balandran and his work, you can visit this page:

We hope you can help our friend make his dreams come true! <3
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