"WISH LIST" at Gabba Gallery ...another chance to get yourself an Autograph book!

The guys at Intellectual Properties are a part of a show this coming Saturday! We hope you can all make it!  The few remaining AUTOGRAPH books from DesignerCon will be available.
“WISH LIST” will be held at Gabba Gallery, an amazing gallery featuring up and coming as well as established artists. “WISH LIST” is a pay and carry show, and we are anxious to go and check out Intellectual Properties’ project.

Saturday 7pm - 11pm
3126 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Daniel and Ryan showing off the goods at DesignerCon

Limited edition autograph book in collaboration with Intellectual Property Prints

Check out this rad pic of Paul Frank signing one of the books! (Photo courtesy of Lee Joseph)
We hope everyone who was at DesignerCon 2013 had as much of an amazing time as we did!

xo Emi

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